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"Second Eden deals with many contemporary issues, such as space exploration, genetic manipulation of the human species and extra-terrestrial life. It also encompasses the age-old discussion of science versus spirituality."--Anne Lenehan, author of Story: The Way of Water, a biography of astronaut Story Musgrave  Start reading now. Read reviews. Back to Homepage...

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The X-Files had it all wrong. The TRUTH isn’t always “out there.” Sometimes you need look no farther than the end of your nose.

Sometimes the weirdest things turn out to be connected in ways no one had before imagined. Sometimes the most improbable becomes the actual....

What’s inside Second Eden? Answers...lot's of answers.....

What is this, anyway? Is it a religious cross? No, it’s related to the Egyptian Ankh, but you’ll have to read the book to find out how.


  • What's Eblis-A. Well, if you thought H5N1 was bad....  What recent news of the avian flu and the possibility of global pandemic may mean.

  • Could UFOs be real? And have a meaning few would have expected? (Remember Arthur C. Clarke's famous quote, which is at the beginning of SECOND EDEN: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.")

  • What was really discovered at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947? The answer will astound you!

  • Can deep, vital secrets--and cover-ups--be maintained in this "everything-leaks" age? (Remember the remarkable security surrounding the Manhattan Project to develop the first Atomic Bomb? Or more recently, the "shock and awe" when the F-117 Nighthawk was revealed as the nation's first stealth aircraft?

  • STAR WARS took place in a galaxy far, far away, but more interesting things are happening much, much closer to home. Find out why...

  • Could Majestic 12, a fabled government group reputed to have conspired to cover up evidence of an alien presence on Earth and UFOs, really have existed? Still exist?

  • Are angels real?

  • Do angels have wings?

  • Why modern humans suddenly appear about 100,000 years ago? (I know, I know, some anthropologists are now saying more like 50,000 years ago based mainly on genetic evidence of a constant mutation rate on the male “Y” chromosome, but there is much debate on the validity of this technique.)

  • What is the ultimate act of terror? (Unless you are fairly well schooled in how DNA works, you may not have even guessed at this possibility.) Could it happen?

  • What is the ultimate act of identity theft? Will AI (artificial intelligence) ever be indistinguishable from true humanity? Does it matter?

  • What do Mallards and their ilk have to do with the precariousness of mankind?

  • How fragile is civilization? Could it disappear in a generation? Two generations?

  • How did the various races of humanity arise?

  • What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? (Hint: it’s not in a government warehouse somewhere, ala Indiana Jones.)

  • What was in the Ark?

  • What is the nature of prophecy? Can the future be foretold?

  • Where did humanity come from—originally?

         An F-14 from the VF-41 Black Aces forms up with a Tophatter

  • What did the famous VF-41 Black Aces have to do with the story?

  • Will a Pitts Special lose a wing if it loses its flying wires?

  • What is the nature of consciousness? Can it always be distinguished from dreams?

  • What is reality? What happens when you can no longer be sure you know?

  • What happened to the water on Mars?

  • Are we humans powerful spiritual beings? Or just random collections of “stuff,” the origins of which we know little if anything? (See what Winston Churchill thought.)

  • Do the choices we make in life matter?

  • What is love? Does sex have anything to do with it? Can its existence be established scientifically?

  • What’s the one thing a woman can do that a man will never do? (Hint: it’s not being a fireman, a fighter pilot, a policeman, or a lawyer.) Does it mean anything?

  • Who is responsible for our Earthly condition?

  • Was there a Garden of Eden? Where was it located? (Hint: not in southern Iraq.)

  • What’s an Honus Wagner baseball card worth today?

  • When they were first introduced to them, what did Europeans think of zebras?

  • What’s the Gaboon viper’s claim to fame?

  • Is Heaven a real place? Will anyone ever get there? Would it matter?

  • Could UFOs be real? (Astronaut Gordon Cooper thought so.) Could they be in our solar system?

  • Does God exist? If so, does he play favorites?

  • Are prayers ever answered?

Get all the answers now in what has been said to be a "thriller for the 21st Century."

Order SECOND EDEN  Start reading now. Read reviews.

“I thought the book raised fundamental questions not often touched on in popular genre fiction... Who are we?  What is happening to us? What is mankind's future? Provocative, exciting, thoughtful—a good read all around.”—R. G. Kelly, professor of American Studies, University of Maryland

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Win a Free Paperback Version! 1st 10 people to solve Riddle #1: AREOPAGUS